Color: Mix Brown, Natural

Band: Black Chiffon Ribbon

Material: Straw Sewn Braid

Brim: 4" (Front) 2" (Back)

Size: One Size (Adjustable)


There's nothing better than lounging on the beach on a beautiful summer day. Inarguably however, the sun can be dangerous with skin cancer being a real danger especially on the ears and face. The best way to prevent this is a wide brimmed hat. The Sandy is your wide brim without the usual inconvenience the back brim smushing against your favorite beach chair. Completely crushable and packable and wide enough in the front to cover all your most vulnerable parts from harmful UV and short enough in the back to lay back comfortably. This hat is a must-have on the beach or anywhere else you are most susceptible to the blazing fury of the sun.