Q: What size hat do I wear?

A: The question has plagued mankind for centuries. Hats can be sized many different ways depending on where they are made. Below is a chart to help you get an idea of what size hat to order.

Q: What's the best way to clean my hat?

A: More often than not the best way is with a damp cloth. For felt hats, a soft bristle brush does a great job getting off lint and hair that can stick to the hat. for straw hats we have found that wet wipes do a fantastic job getting of smudges and dirt.

Q: What if my hat is a little too big for me?

A: We get this question all the time, many people are right between sizes and the best way to snug up your hat is to stick a 6 inch strip of 3/16" weather striping under the sweat band to add a small foam padding that is completely undetectable by anyone, including you! You can find a whole roll of this stuff at home depot for less than $5!

Q: Do I look good in my hat?

A: Yes, of course you do!