As our society becomes more modernized and industrial city-life is the norm our fashion has evolved accordingly. This is exemplified by the Safari Fedora. Unbelievably versatile, this hat is perfectly suited to outdoor excursions or dressing up your favorite peacoat. Weatherproof, crushable, and sharp, this is no Justin Timberlake fedora. A true testament to the hybridization and evolution of headwear.


The pinnacle of fedora evolution is here, the Safari Fedora. A style for the gutsy outdoorsmen or the refined gentleman. If you happen to be both, well, then you can literally wear this hat every day. Believe us, there is no issue with constant wear either as this hat, available in myriad colors, is designed to last. Soft, crushable, waterproof, UPF protectant, good-looking…. is that enough adjectives for ya?

Safari Wool Felt