In the late 1600’s up until the early 1800’s the fur-trade in North America was a booming business. Voyageurs, fur-trappers, and more made these arduous and dangerous excursions into the alien wilderness. In vogue then was the Top Hat and these furs were the main ingredient to their construction. However, these lands were not unexplored. As we all know, the “First People” had lived on these lands for millennia. While there were undoubtedly tense relations between the settlers and the rightful inhabitants, there was also an unbelievable transfer of ideas, skill, and fashion. The Medicine Man Top Hat is our tribute to the visage of the top hat wearing native and is certainly one of the most fun hats in our collection. Sporting a six inch crown, deep grey in color, and an added long feather the Medicine Man lends itself to the most bold among us. A statement that will not be missed.

Medicine Man Top Hat