The C-Crown, or teardrop fedora, adds more than just a little bit of badassery to any aficionado’s wardrobe. I mean the proof is in the pudding, here’s a quick list- Humphrey Bogart, Frank Sinatra, Al Capone, “Bugsy” Siegel. I mean we’re not condoning some of these folk’s nefarious business practices, but damn did they look good doing it. The allure of the C-Crown is exactly that, the wearer is immediately infused with a look that exudes status, nostalgia, power, and a certain brand of aloofness that is immediately attractive. The magnetic energy that radiates from this finely crafted snap-brim and its matching grosgrain band is the stuff that can get you your own spot on the list above. A truly classic style that suits the strongest aspects of its owner’s personality. 


Upon placing the OFH C-Crown fedora on your head it is difficult to not be immediately thrust into a whole new persona. A feeling as if you’ve transcended into a wholly different era of style and attitude. From Frank Sinatra to Al Capone the C-Crown is a style that dons the wearer with a vibe that places them in a league all their own. The classic snap brim, complimented by a matching grosgrain band and the all-important feather gives our C-Crown that extra touch that sets it apart from its competitors. Quick note here, this is not just a man’s hat as the ladies can bring this hat to a completely different level. So, ladies and gents, pop on the OFH C-Crown and prepare to be jettisoned to a new echelon of fashion.

Charlie C-Crown Fedora